Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Well the year is turning over and the weather is back to normal at least for today. I hope this is a good sign for our Country as well. Will be interesting to see the outcome of the Iowa Cacaus on tuesday. Of course that will not solve the long term problems ofr a disfunctional Congress

Friday, December 30, 2011

our hope for the future

""I want the full portrait of evolution and the people who came up with the ideas to be presented. It's a worldview and it's godless. Atheism has been tried in various societies, and they've been pretty criminal domestically and internationally. The Soviet Union, Cuba, the Nazis, China today: they don't respect human rights...Columbine, remember that? They were believers in evolution. That's evidence right there.""
NH state Rep. Jerry Bergevin, on his bill requiring schools to include evolution scientists' positions on atheism

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Image is every thing

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Although I vote for Ron Paul as a  protest against the Machine   and I am worried abgout his racist history he brings up some good ideas, We need to stop pretending we have the solutions to the worlds issues

Bomb Crater Sky
by Lam Thi My Da

They say that you, a road builder
Had such love for our country
You rushed out and waved your torch
To call the bombs down on yourself
And save the road for the troops

As my unit passed on that worn road
The bomb crater reminded us of your story
Your grave is radiant with bright-colored stones
Piled high with love for you, a young girl

As I looked in the bomb crater where you died
The rain water became a patch of sky
Our country is kind
Water from the sky washes pain away

Now you lie down deep in the earth
As the sky lay down in that earthen crater
At night your soul sheds light
Like the dazzling stars
Did your soft white skin
Become a bank of white clouds?

By day I pass under a sun-flooded sky
And it is your sky
And that anxious, wakeful disc
Is it the sun, or is it your heart
Lighting my way
As I walk down the long road?

The name of the road is your name
Your death is a young girl's patch of blue sky
My soul is lit by your life

And my friends, who never saw you
Each has a different image of your face

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas And New years

Merry Christmas and may your Deity bless.
hug your children and kiss your spouse.
Toast your family and your friends,
cast away your cares and enjoy the moment ,
while it lasts. Soon it  will be another year
and its going to be really  rough.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back yard farming because we have to

  Had to go over the river and across the hills to grand mothers house this weekend . here are pics from the trip

this summer I noted and commented on the trend in the neighborhood  of more back yard vegetable gardens.  here is a nice article from tree hugger on the same  issue.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bozeangeles Christmas

Downtown Bozeangeles gets in the spirit despite the lack of snow

Thursday, December 15, 2011

we're Number # 3

 Bozeman ranked 3rd in Winter livability, I'd probably argue the part about blocking the drive ways with Snow . Usually ten minutes after I finish shoveling the snowplows block the driveway again.
Bozeman is the third best city in the United States to live in during the winter, according to a list compiled
The No. 1 city was Anchorage, Alaska, followed by Fargo, N.D., a website that ranks small to mid-sized communities across America, identified the “Top 10 Winter Cities.”
The website reviewed cities that have an average January temperature below freezing and then chose the best ones based on criteria such as whether they have lots of cold weather-dependent things to see and do, plenty of affordable housing and low unemployment rates.
Bozeman got high marks for recreational opportunities and snow clearing.
“Bozeman averages more than 90 inches of snow each year, which means there’s plenty of white stuff for snowboarding, snowmobiling, cross-country and Nordic skiing,” the article states. “And when the rest of the country is celebrating the arrival of spring, Bozeman area ski resorts are still packing powder.”
The writer notes that Bridger Bowl Ski Area will host theNCAA Men’s and Women’s Skiing Championships in March, and that Bozeman is home to the nation’s premier ice-climbing destination at Hyalite Canyon.
Bozeman’s winter roads attracted praise from Winter Cities Institute CEO Patrick Coleman.
Coleman said Bozeman “makes a good effort to enhance winter living.” He commended Bozeman’s Public Works Department for using“the friendly snowplow.”
Bozeman city crews use motor graders – machines that look like oversized tractors – to get around parked cars and avoid plowing-in driveways.
“This device does much to minimize resident frustration resulting from large snow berms planted in cleared driveways by the plows,” Coleman says in the article. “Bozeman is also concerned about maintaining bike routes and bike lanes in the winter.” lists the average January low in Bozeman at 14 degrees, median home price at $201,869 and an unemployment rate of 6.5 percent.
So how did the flat, wind-chilled city of Fargo beat Bozeman?
Fargo is lauded for its welcoming spirit, cultural amenities, and most notably, the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, at 3.3 percent, according to the article.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Many things To Be Angry About

   As 2011 winds down, there is so much frustration ( at least on my part ) about what could have been done in the world, in this country  if we'd have had the will to step up.

  Obama has disappointed us, Congress has failed us, We the American people have lacked the will to demand that our  government actually take some responsible actions and begin to solve our economic  train wreck. Then how ever I look at the trauma that the rest of the world has gone through and I feel pretty lucky.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Does the GOP want to win the White House

 bI Am an  rgistered  independent and have not voted Republican since Bush the Elders first term and after watching last nights  debate I find it hard to consider any of the current crop of candidates. I would hold my nose and vote for Romney or Paul if the situation rose.  But these guys all act like they've had four drinks and can't keep their train of thought. Do we want these guys sitting in the captians chair ?

Thursday, December 8, 2011


 those few of you who follow this blog know my views are fairly liberal, and there are a few things Ron Paul and I don't see eye to eye on, deregulating the Fed, the enmvironment and Relegion the most obvious. But he may be what Washington. A man honest enough and crazy enough to kick  Congress and the Military Industrial complex in the ass.

2012 Endorsement: Ron Paul For President

If there were ever an imperfect candidate for public office – it’s Ron Paul.
He’s not made for TV, he doesn’t play well with others and many of his positions fly in the face of views held by vast majorities of Americans (not to mention vast majorities of Republican primary voters). Not only that, there’s his frequently kooky persona – a rambling stream of consciousness that frequently fumbles around (or altogether ignores) some of the most compelling arguments that could be made on his behalf.
Truth be told, during the incessant, indistinguishable stream of recent Republican presidential debates, we often found ourselves cringing at some of Paul’s more off-the-wall comments. Not necessarily because what he said has been wrong, mind you … but because we could feel the air of electability seeping out of his candidacy with each offbeat syllable he uttered.
But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? Ron Paul has never been about getting elected – he’s been about getting at the damn truth. And at 76 years of age, we can hardly blame the Texas obstetrician for letting it all hang out.
In fact America needs him to let it all hang out.
Actually, we need him and several hundred more like him up in Washington, D.C. … all of them unapologetically letting it all hang out.
For example, were it not for Paul’s relentless push to audit the Federal Reserve, America would have never known about the $16 trillion in emergency loans that our nation’s central bank doled out to financial institutions around the globe during the peak of the economic recession (and the rampant conflicts of interest associated with those loans).
Indeed, within the “Uncle Fluffy” persona that Paul often slips into on the national stage – high-pitched nasal musings that alternative between goofball and curmudgeon – there exists a true “core of conviction,” a genuine desire to reverse America’s downward trajectory as opposed to merely accumulating personal influence or amassing a small fortune selling books.
When it comes to Ron Paul, concepts like constitutionally-limited government, free markets, individual liberty and fiscal restraint aren’t merely spoken at the moment into a waiting bank of cameras – they have been given repeated, courageous expression by more than three decades of lonely, unpopular votes in the U.S. Congress.
The Tea Party movement? It belongs to Ron Paul – whether those who slap that label on themselves or their candidates of choice ever recognize or acknowledge it.
With the rest of the “Republican” field, these core principles are nothing but rhetorical stepping stones – a series of “here today, gone tomorrow” utterances designed to elevate them, but destined to be discarded the moment they achieve the office to which they aspire.
And yet while these nakedly self-serving, talking point-regurgitating, ideological hypocrites have been embraced by the national media (even the “conservative” press) and presented to GOP voters as candidates worthy of consideration, Ron Paul has been forced to build up his base of support the old-fashioned way – by actually proposing specific limited government policy consistent with his long-held beliefs.
We suppose no prophet is ever accepted in his home country …
Two months ago – while the 2012 “Republicans” tinkered with their gimmicky/ inconsequential tax plans (and the so-called “Supercommittee” in Washington, D.C. argued over how to save $1.2 trillion over the course of the next ten years) – Ron Paul proposed $1 trillion in immediate cuts.
Paul’s plan would balance the federal budget by 2015 – which is five years faster than the most ambitious spending reduction plan put forward by fiscal conservatives in the U.S. Congress (and fifteen years faster than the official GOP spending reduction plan put forward by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan).
Paul would immediately end the costly American military engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. He would also immediately reduce the federal workforce by 10 percent and eliminate five cabinet-level departments: Commerce, Education, Energy, HUD, and the Interior (and unlike another Texan in the race, he can remember all five of those agencies). Beyond that, Paul would freeze all entitlement spending, privatize numerous government agencies and make participation in Social Security voluntary.
In other words, not only would Paul provide immediate savings – he would chart an infinitely more responsible course for our nation moving forward by implementing long-term spending and entitlement reforms. Those reforms are just what the doctor ordered for a soaring American deficit and an ailing American economy – and yet sadly none of the “electable” candidate has even come close to offering such a vision.
Of course that begs the question: Can Ron Paul win?
Obviously he was a sideshow in 2008, and he could very well be one again in 2012. Then again he’s currently running neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney for second place in Iowa – trailing Newt Gingrich by twelve points – and he’s currently in third place in New Hampshire. That’s better than anyone expected him to do, but it’s probably still not enough to create that elusive “path to victory” that the pundits like to write about.
And no … those pundits will never afford him the same “surge” treatment they previously bestowed upon Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry or, more recently, Gingrich.
Despite being dissed by the press, Paul polls just as favorably against Obama as the “mainstream” Republican contenders, and polls particularly well among the independent voters who will ultimately determine the outcome of the election.
Given his lack of “electability” within the GOP primary, though, we’ve heard from numerous South Carolina Republican operatives urging us to refrain from endorsing Paul on the grounds that our website might lose some of the credibility it has managed to accumulate.
“You’ll be throwing your endorsement away,” one Palmetto politico told us just this morning.
Maybe so, but we’re nothing if not consistent. And we’d rather continue sleeping soundly at night as opposed to “pulling a Blagojevich.”
Back in February, we offered our initial assessment of the candidates seeking (or mulling a bid for) the GOP nomination. It wasn’t a very uplifting document – except for the section that addressed Paul’s candidacy.
“As far as we can tell, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is the only pure soul contemplating a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012,” we wrote. “His record of defending both our tax dollars and our individual liberties is unimpeachable and unparalleled – and if Republicans would only follow his example America might have a fighting chance to reclaim its lost greatness.”
“Paul is hands-down our first choice for the Republican nomination,” we continued – adding that “if that makes us ‘kooks,’ too, so be it.”
Nothing Ron Paul has said or done in the intervening months has given us any reason to doubt the veracity of what we wrote back then – and nothing any of Paul’s rivals have said or done during that time has given us any reason to hope that they might even approach his level of ideological consistency.
That’s why this website is proud to endorse Ron Paul for president in 2012 – for the simple reason that there is no one else seeking the office who can even be remotely trusted to take the corrective action required if this nation is ever to return to its former greatness.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

fall is here

 definately feeling like fall here in the Bozangeles area but Little Goat still wants to get outside

Monday, December 5, 2011

High Country Extremism

   This of course goes back to an earlier post about what happens to the crazy poeple when we run out of wilderness to send themto.  We had our brush will militias back in the early 70's and of course they've been there through out the last 30 years, but it seems that with the  economic turmoil and a leftist , communist, atheist ,muslim in the white house they are ready to be more vocal.


Patriot Games

God told Chuck Baldwin to move to Montana. Specifically, to Kalispell. God did this, according to Baldwin, sometime in the summer of 2010.
For 35 years Baldwin, a fundamentalist Christian, had lived and preached in Pensacola, Florida, railing in a syndicated column in recent years about U.N. gun control conspiracy theories, tyranny-minded globalists and FEMA internment camps.
Chuck Baldwin, a leader of the right-wing extremist
Patriot movement, recently moved to Kalispell.
His new ministry includes local white supremacists.
Baldwin is now one of the leading figures in the Patriot movement, which has grown explosively since the U.S. economic meltdown and election of President Obama in 2008. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups, the number of Patriot groups in the country skyrocketed from 149 in 2008 to 824 in 2010. The SPLC describes such groups as comprised of "people who generally believe that the federal government is an evil entity that is engaged in a secret conspiracy to impose martial law, herd those who resist into concentration camps, and force the United States into a socialistic 'New World Order.'"
Baldwin first aligned himself formally with the Patriot movement when he ran for Vice President on the far-right, anti-government Constitution Party ticket. After that his rhetoric, both from behind the pulpit and in his prolific writings, became increasingly militant and more concerned with gun rights and battling with globalists than with gay rights and the Rapture, previously his favorite topics.
Then in September 2010, Baldwin abruptly announced that he was pulling up stakes and moving to Kalispell along with his grown children and their spouses and homeschooled offspring.
At the time Baldwin and his brood of 17 resettled, unprecedented numbers of white supremacists were migrating to the region to support the Pioneer Little Europe movement, which seeks to establish a whites only homeland in northwest Montana. Baldwin's dire warnings of a looming epic battle between Patriots and "Big-Government globalists" in the U.S. mirrors in key ways longstanding white supremacist predictions of a war against ZOG, or Zionist Occupation Government.
"We believe America is headed for an almost certain cataclysm," Baldwin wrote in a September 2010 column titled, "Why We Are Moving to Montana."
This cataclysm, Baldwin wrote, "...will almost certainly include a fight between Big-Government globalists and freedom-loving, independent-minded patriots. I would even argue that this fight has already started. And as this battle escalates (and it will most assuredly escalate), only those states that are willing to stand and fight for their independence and freedom will survive--at least in a state of freedom. And we believe that God has already put the love of liberty deep into the hearts of the people of the Mountain States; and we further believe that God is already calling (and will continue to call) many other freedom lovers to those states. One thing is for sure: we know He called us!"
Baldwin assured his followers that he wasn't moving to Montana for the scenery or the skiing. "We're not going to play games, or play politics; we are not going to 'take it easy,' or 'hide,' or hibernate. We are not going to 'enjoy the climate.' We are going to fight! We are going to work! We are going to help the freedom-minded people of Montana make their stand for liberty! In many ways, the Mountain States just might become The Alamo of the twenty-first century, with, hopefully, much better results. But if not, I would rather die fighting for freedom with liberty-loving patriots by my side than be shuttled off to some FEMA camp after having been rejected and betrayed by soft-living, comfort-seeking, materialistic statists..."
True to his word, within a month of getting situated in Montana in early 2011 Baldwin launched a new ministry, The Liberty Fellowship, which meets weekly at the Kalispell Red Lion Inn. His sermons regularly draw around 200 attendees, including well-known members of the PLE movement. Last month PLE leader April Gaede posted to Stormfront that "PLE Christians" attend The Liberty Fellowship. She'd previously written that Baldwin's sermonizing moved her to tears. The Southern Poverty Law Center reported earlier this week that Baldwin's congregation also includes Kalispell resident and white separatist Randy Weaver, whose 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff with federal agents fueled the rapid growth of the militia movement of the 1990s. (Baldwin did not return two messages seeking comment.)
"Both hardcore white supremacists and anti-government patriots in the Flathead Valley can hardly contain their enthusiasm when talking about Baldwin now living in Montana," says Travis McAdam, executive director of the Montana Human Rights Network and an expert on the region's white supremacist and Patriot groups. "It almost feels like the worshipping of a teen idol. Baldwin is being treated like a savior by people promoting a white homeland and outright war with the federal government."
Like Patriot groups, the PLE movement promotes itself as being rooted in a strict interpretation of U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The PLE Prospectus, a guiding document for the Kalispell-based movement written by a former Ku Klux Klan organizer, calls for targeting communities that will be attractive to restless whites who are "conscious of their own best interests," whether they are self-declared white supremacists or not. "A PLE is defined as a conscious White community -- initially possessing greatly contrasting views among its residents -- which comes to dominate a geographical area," reads the PLE guide.
White supremacists in the Flathead Valley view the newly arrived Patriots as natural allies. Law enforcement sources, local religious leaders and McAdam of the Montana Human Rights Network say that Patriot group members have attended recent screenings of Holocaust denial films hosted by PLE activists, and that PLE white supremacists have attended recent Patriot events, including presentations by Baldwin's eldest son Timothy.
Timothy Baldwin delivered lectures on state sovereignty in Kalispell and in Ronan, Montana, a small town nearby. Freedom Action Rally and Citizens Acting for Liberty, both Flathead Valley Patriot groups, sponsored the events. Earlier this year Timothy Baldwin ran for the board of trustees of Flathead Valley Community College and received 778 votes, about 20 percent of those cast.
Chuck Baldwin was a featured speaker at a major survivalist gathering held in mid-June in Kalispell by yet another local patriot group, the Flathead Liberty Bell Network, which was founded in 2009 with help from Alaska militia leader Schaeffer Cox, who's currently jailed awaiting trial on charges of plotting to murder judges and Alaska State Troopers.
The "Preparedness Expo" took place inside the Valley Victory Christian Church and eight adjoining acres less than a week after Kalispell militia leader David Earl Burgert engaged in a shootout with sheriff's deputies on a backwoods logging road in Missoula County, which adjoins the Flathead Valley region to the south. Burgert remains at large. "We don't have quite the same problem with [extremist] activity as they do in Kalispell, but sometimes the Kalispell activity spills over," says Missoula County Undersheriff Mike Dominick. "I've dealt with the militias quite a bit in the past, and in terms of what's going on now, I haven't seen anything like it since the early 1990s."
The survivalist expo offered workshops and demonstrations on topics ranging from small unit combat tactics to canning peaches. Other speakers included Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers, a national Patriot group that calls on law enforcement officers and military personnel to disobey orders that they deem unconstitutional, especially when it comes to government confiscation of firearms.
Another speaker was retired Arizona sheriff Richard Mack, a hero to many in the Patriot movement for opposing the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act when he was sheriff of a rural Arizona county in the 1990s. Mack is also the author of From My Cold Dead Hands: Why America Needs Guns, which is popular reading in the Patriot movement.
The top-billed "Special Guest" at the exposition was Randy Weaver.
At least five PLE members appear on videos from the expo. One of them, posting on Stormfront as "White Wolf," declared Weaver's presentation "amazing." Also in attendance was Scott Ernest, a white supremacist from southern Florida who, according to a travelogue he posted to Stormfront, a major white supremacist web forum, took Amtrak to Kalispell in order to visit the Flathead Valley for the first time and meet with Gaede and two other PLE leaders to discuss moving there.
Ernest has since relocated to Kalispell, where, according to his Stormfront posts, he's living in an RV. He's become a huge booster for PLE online, regularly updating his Stormfront thread, which has more than 21,000 views.
"It's paradise here," he gushes in one of more than 400 posts. "I open carry [a handgun] every day. If you can, you should too."
Media Matters extremism reporter David Holthouse can be reached at
For more on Kalispell from the SPLC, click here.

Friday, December 2, 2011

time to get rid of Junk Mail

Don't you just hate junk mail  !

Reducing junk mail will reduce paper waste and help the environment. Most of the organizations you deal with will sell your name and address. Every year four million tons of junk mail is sent, and about 40 percent is never opened. Although junk mail can often be recycled, it is made from virgin paper. Recycling takes energy and resources and makes its own impact on environment. Reduction rather than recycling is a much better option. Help the environment and reduce the amount of junk mail you get in your mailbox by following these steps. 1. Remove your name and address from most national mailing lists by contacting the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008. Your request will be active for three to five years.
2. Envelopes with "Address Correction Requested" or "Return Postage Guaranteed" can be returned unopened. Cross out the address and bar code, circle the first-class postage and write "Refused - Return to Sender" on the envelope. The sender will have to pay for the return postage. (Returning bulk mail does no good, because the post office just throws it away.
3. Call your credit card company, and ask them not to sell your name.
4. When you give money to a charity or nonprofit group, enclose a note requesting that the organization not rent, sell or exchange your name and address with anyone else.
5. Have your name removed from nationwide sweepstakes: Publishers Clearinghouse101 Channel Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050. (800) 645-9242, or send e-mail to Reader's Digest Readers Digest Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570. (800) 234-9000. American Family Publishers P.O. Box 62000, Tampa, FL 33662. (800) 237-2400.
6. Don't fill out the product-warranty card. They are used to collect information on your habits and income.