Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Main Street Story , short and tragic 

The Bar in the basement of the old Bozeman hotel was crowded and

Kurt was a little too old to be cool here . . Demitri was behind the
bar , Kurt knew his drinks would be watered down, if he got served

at all. Kurt hoped that Demitri's work visa would be yanked soon and

he'd be sent back to Putin's Paradise .
The waitress working the floor was Vickie . Kurt looked for a table

near the door . Vickie would give him a free drink occasionally , She

had a thing for him ,or at least he hoped she did. “ Hell ,” he said to

himself as he took a seat, “ She could just think I looked like he

father. What the hell for a free beer and a smile, I'll be dad ! “

Vickie brought him a beer without asking, “what can I get ya ?”

( was he that predictable ?) What was he doing looking for in this bar

or in this beer ?

Was the young couple ,at the next table twittering on their smart

phones so interested in updating their status that they ignored the

person they came in with any better off than him ?

well who am I to Judge, I'm alone in a crowded bar talking to my


Kurt should of left right then , but he stayed and had one beer to many and then the

midget climbed up ( took him a while ) on the stool opposite me . He did not

look happy , because of the beer and my lack of verbal self control Kurt asked “

you're not happy so which Dwarf are you ?” then he shot Kurt in the chest and

he died .

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ready for the future ?

Election Creeping up on us and I see no one I can trust How about you ?
would love to see an Independent run