Monday, January 9, 2012

Book About the Montana Hi line

MOntana Press
Bozeman resident, David Quammen, has a prominent role in a magazine this month, but this time it’s as a writer for National Geographic.
Quammen’s piece “Hi-Line, Hard Life,” in National Geographic’s January issue explores the resolve of the people making a life in northern Montana after the 1862 Homestead Act.
“Quammen describes the hype created by the government around the Homestead Act, and the realities the homesteaders encountered such as droughts and long winters,” Megan Heltzel of the National Geographic Society wrote in an e-mail to the Chronicle.
As much as the original homesteaders, Quammen writes of the resolve of their descendants – those living in the Hi-Line today.
“It’s a part of the stat that never appears in the Marlboro ads or the ski brochures,” he wrote. “Its beauties are sever and subtle and horizontal, rather than picturesque. It’s not for everybody.”

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