Saturday, February 18, 2012

John Bozeman's Bistro

 So , for the first time in a while Mother Goat and I got to go out on a date, leaving  little Goat in the questionable care of a sitter. It was great to get to get out and experience a little adult atmosphere. We went to the Baxter  building which is very upscale, Ted's Montana grille and The Bacchus Pub share a large common area with music and a  nice fire place. e had a couple drinks and listen to  Craig  T. Hall on an Acoustic guitar. Then we went to the John Bozeman Bistro for dinner. My wife and I were virgins to this restaurant but I found the atmosphere very similar to Boodles a very nice ( and expensive restaurant  destroyed in the big explosion downtown a few years ago ) Its worth the price for a special occasion or if you are feeling like you or your friends are deserving of a reward. Eat the food, drink the wine ignore the price tag.

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