Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Killing fields

Very soon now the  annual Shooting of Yellowstone Bison will begin again

Bison bison bison bison
All I can think about are bison.
There are wild bison being killed
as they try to leave the Park
and move into their homeland.
There are also trees being cut,
mountains mined,
rivers dammed, seas polluted,
houses bulldozed and burned down,
wars brewing,
lands laid waste;
But all I think about are bison.
I have watched them die.
They crowd out other thoughts
sweeping in hordes
darkening the horizons of my plain mind,
trampling me.
I am grazed now, bison, I am trampled.
Go now, to other horizons
and I will recover for you.
I release you
from the park of my psyche. Go now
spread into your domain.
Pour across the minds of all people
Fill their thoughts with your thundering image
Roam through conversations
until the society of people shakes
with your hoofbeats,
and helplessly, joyously, welcomes you
back again.
O Bison,


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