Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Damn hit A deer , get some Barbecue Sauce

Well considering the amount of roadkill on Montana highways this is a pretty good idea. I went out looking for an Elk yesterday and ran into so fickle Montana weather

Montana would become one of a handful of states that allows humans to consume roadkill meat, provided House Bill 247 is approved by the entire legislature and signed by Gov. Steve Bullock. In an interview with ABC News more than a week after the Montana House approved the legislation, state Rep. Steve Lavin said, "It's like any other meat." However, Lavin warned such meat is only good as a fresh kill. The Montana proposal would allow permits for those who accidentally hit and kill certain animals on roads to harvest meat.

* Lavin's day job is a Montana state trooper where he sees tons of animals dead on highways. Authorities already alert local food banks to potential meals found dead on the road. The legislation, which still must be approved by the Montana Senate, simply makes the practice legal.


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