Monday, August 4, 2014

What is the difference between a Freedom Fighter and a Terrorist ?

I guess the old answer is the Freedom fighter Won and the Terror movement lost . This political and military experimentation we've seen the last 80 yrs has really shaken  the pot. Stupid moves in Iraq, libya , etc. Wonder what the real answer is.n For examp-le Palistine  ?

Terrorism vs Freedom fighter

In the international communityterrorism has no legally binding, criminal law definition.[1][2] Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts that are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (e.g.,neutral military personnel or civilians). Some definitions now include acts of unlawful violence and war. The use of similar tactics by criminal organizations forprotection rackets or to enforce a code of silence is usually not labeled terrorism, though these same actions may be labeled terrorism when done by a politically motivated group.

Freedom Fighter is another term for those engaged in a struggle to achieve political freedom for themselves or obtain freedom for others.[14] Though the literal meaning of the words could include anyone who fights for the cause of freedom, in common use it may be restricted to those who are actively involved in an armedrebellion, rather than those who campaign for freedom by peaceful means (though they may use the title in its literal sense).
Generally speaking, Freedom Fighters are seen as people who are using physical force in order to cause a change in the political and or social order
The Irgun policy was based on what was then called Revisionist Zionism founded by Ze'ev Jabotinsky. According to Howard Sachar, "The policy of the new organization was based squarely on Jabotinsky's teachings: every Jew had the right to enter Palestine; only active retaliation would deter the Arabs; only Jewish armed force would ensure the Jewish state".
Two of the operations for which the Irgun is best known are the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22 July 1946 and the Deir Yassin massacre, carried out together with Lehi on 9 April 1948.
The Irgun has been viewed as a terrorist organization or organization which carried out terrorist acts.[3][4] In particular the Irgun was branded a terrorist organisation by Britain,[5] the 1946 Zionist Congress[6] and the Jewish Agency.[7] The Irgun believed that any means necessary to establish the Jewish State of Israel, includingterrorism, was justifiable.[8]
The Irgun was a political predecessor to Israel's right-wing Herut (or "Freedom") party, which led to today's Likud party.[9] Likud has led or been part of most Israeli governments since 1977.

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