Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our next War

Just back from southern California, Laguna Beach to be exact. A play ground of the cool, rich and connected. ( the Goat family is non of those ) We were there to welcome back my wife's nephew from his second and final tour of the afghan war zone. He is  getting out of the Marines and looking to join the Border Patrol .Which made me remember the war on our border that we will face in the next decade.  The violence there is as great as that in Afganistan and a lot closer.

Drug gangs resort to horrific killings

Updated 12:13 a.m., Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gangland killers hanged nine people side-by-side from an overpass at a busy interchange in Nuevo Laredo on Friday and stuffed 14 decapitated bodies into a minivan left in the heart of the busiest trade route on the U.S.-Mexico border.
“This is how I am going to finish off all the fools you send to heat up the plaza,” read a banner on the overpass addressed to the Gulf cartel, which is waging war with the Zetas gang that controls the city. “We'll see you around, you bunch of parasites.”
It was not immediately clear if the killers who hanged the five men and four women early Friday also decapitated the 14 other victims. Some of those hanged were bloodied and battered and appeared to have been tortured.
But the latest slaughter came barely three weeks after 14 other brutalized bodies were found, also in a van, behind Nuevo Laredo's city hall. The heads of the 14 bodies found Friday were left in ice chests at basically the same place.
The banner left with the bodies on April 18, purportedly signed by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Sinaloa cartel leader. It vowed that Guzman, considered Mexico's most powerful crime boss, was taking back Nuevo Laredo from the Zetas and was now aligned with their Gulf cartel enemies.
“They're fighting for it again,” Peter Hanna, a retired FBI agent who spent much of his career investigating the Gulf cartel, said of the new Nuevo Laredo violence. “It is a huge drug corridor. They have tons of methods of crossing it into the United States in Laredo.”
If true, El Chapo's offensive heralds more slaughter.

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