Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a sample of the bozeangeles crime report

  • A person bought a vehicle, but it seems “suspicious.” The caller wanted to check if it was stolen.
  • A man was shooting an Airsoft gun at houses on Moon Beam Lane.
  • A person bought a car online and traveled to the area to pick it up. The person never received the title and was concerned that the vehicle may have never belonged to the seller in the first place.
  • A woman’s face and hair were burned when a paper shredder blew up in her face.
  • A woman wanted to talk to a deputy about large satellites flying overhead that are “invading people’s privacy.” She told dispatch that they are going to jail because “the system has tried to kill her over 700 times.” She was advised not to call back but she called multiple times, “ranting about the Secret Service” and “stating satellites are the reason we had no winter.”
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