Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Pygmy Goat walks into a bar

 Heck I've seen worse , it was pretty common in South  Lousiana to have Snakes , Armadillo's or Gators thrown into a bar late at night. Generally I don't think there is anything wrong with animals of family's with kids in bars , as long as neither animal or child is getting drunk or being molested. I think it probably reduces violence .

BUTTE — A goat walks into a bar.
It may sound like the beginning of a joke, but the local animal shelter supervisor said it happened last weekend in Butte — and it’s no laughing matter.
An animal control officer responded at 1:30 a.m. Sunday to an unidentified bar in Butte after a patron called the police to report that a goat had been brought inside, according to Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter Supervisor Jacki Casagranda.
The female pygmy goat, which shelter workers are calling Shirley, was picked up outside the bar and taken to the animal shelter. If her owner hasn’t come forward by Wednesday morning, Casagranda said, shelter workers will start the process to adopt her, as is the usual protocol for impounded animals.
Shirley is a sweet and friendly creature. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with animals in public spaces, and Casagranda said the scene featuring people with lowered inhibitions and animals in a new, noisy environment doesn’t always end well. Injuries to the animal or to people around can happen, from trips to bites.
“Animals should not be in bars,” Casagranda said. “In general, for the community, for the owners, and for the animal it’s just not a good situation.”
The goat impound is a first for the local shelter, but Casagranda said animal control officers respond occasionally to other animals like dogs in bars and other public places.
So far, nobody’s claimed Shirley. Casagranda said charges occur on a case-by-case basis with impounds like this.
“Hopefully we’ll find the owner,” Casagranda said. “If not, hopefully we’ll find her a good new home.”

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