Monday, April 1, 2013

Converations with Hemingways ghost

Hemingway's ghost Is back, sitting on my couch
Bitter about the world and drinking my Scotch.
Regretful about his sins and seeking some absolution
“About the women in your life and
how you mistreated them?,” I asked
“No they knew me and they played the game,
Its the lions, bears and Elephants I've shot.
Once they were like the Buffalo as far as the eye
could see. Now they stand at the brink and I helped
the decline. “
I watched this literary shade as he guzzled my Whiskey
brewed here in Bozeangeles and pondered my response.
“ Absolution I will give you but it is a shared guilt of our American soul,
we think we are perfect and our strength in Arms is our right.”
“Its true ,” Hemingway said. “ We are the chosen and the worlds best hope.”
I watched as he finished the bottle and sadly saluted the remains.
“ I have the same faith as you Hem , but only if we consider that our power has great responsibility .
Both for humanity and the earth. Now get out of here and next time you bring the booze.”

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