Monday, October 24, 2011

Bozeangeles city govt. bleeds the beast

 Been sick  and the news in the commical makes me sicker. The Bozeman city commission is playing  black mail with the tax rate.  Basicly saying if you don't let us  raise money one way we will rasie property taxes  on the homeowners again.  There is something wrong with the city commission. Thjey need to broaden the tax base, instead they are forcing the home owners ( The people who have made a commitment to the city )to pack up and leave.  Here is todays post from the commical, It would be nice to see  Amanda Ricker  and the commical stand up to the city, but the press here is not free.

The Bozeman City Commission on Monday will consider cutting street impact fees by one-third.
David Graham, president of the Southwest Montana Building Industry Association, says decreasing the fees charged to developers for new roads could stimulate the sluggish Bozeman home-building market.
But city staff claims there’s a tradeoff. To make up for the lost fees, they say current residents would have to pay more in property taxes.
Bozeman planning and finance department heads claim the city would need to raise taxes by 5.5 percent a year to replace the $750,000 a year that’s currently generated by street impact fees.
“All property taxpayers would be funding the infrastructure expansion related to our growing community,” states a memo to commissioners from Planning Director Tim McHarg, Assistant Planning Director Chris Saunders and Finance Director Anna Rosenberry.

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