Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rick Perry's Job Creation Plan

  So the credit below goes to  but you can get your favorite political view from your web site of choice. Do we need to solve our own problems by invading another country ? Its either an issue of enforcing our own drug laws better or  de-criminalising  most drugs and taxing it. Sending our kids off to another war may make the Military industrial Complex happy but it does not do our country any good.

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says he is open to sending American troops to Mexico to help battle drug cartels.

Perry, the Texas governor, likens the situation to Colombia, where the government accepted American military support in battling the war on drugs.
Perry says the current violence may require similar military action.
He often calls for more National Guard troops to help protect the Mexican border and stem the flow of illegal immigration. But Saturday's comments go further. They indicate he's open to deepening America's military involvement across the border.
Perry's comments came at a Saturday afternoon reception at the home of New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne.
A spokesman later clarified that Perry is open to all options to cooperate with Mexico.

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