Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Step Forward two steps back

  Well fall has raised its ugly head here in the Bozeangeles Metroplex. The Bridger Mt.s are brown and  there are leaves blowing across the yard. I for one am not ready for Winter and I don't think the city is either . There are a lot of grim looking people driving around and walking the streets. Its hard to get a smile , even with a bad joke.

 Perhaps it has to do with the lack of jobs and all the empty store fronts. In the Shopping mall where I work  there are more  empty spots than last year. Last Month one new  retailer moved in but two moved out.  And its  just as bad downtown.

On the Bright side the city took steps to enforce a cell phone ban on driving and yakking.

Bozeman City Commissioners say they're interested in passing an ordinance that restricts cell phone use while driving.
Using a cell phone behind the wheel "should be a ticketable offense at some capacity," Deputy Mayor Sean Becker said Monday night during the commission's regular meeting.
After holding a policy discussion about potential "distracted driving" laws, the commission asked city staff to gather more information and draft an ordinance for its consideration.

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