Friday, May 20, 2011

A crime of stupidity vs a crime of negligence

  which is worse a crime of stupidity or a crime of negligence ? I think driving with out wearing a seat belt is a crime of stupidity . I think driving while texting or talking on your  cell phone is a crime of negligence.
    Today while  driving on 19th St. in a rain storm , approaching the downtown Bozeangeles  metroplex , my two year old daughter and I saw several drivers either talking or texting on their cell phones . The  most blatant of which had two little ones in car seats in the back and a preteen ( who should have been in school ) in the passenger seat. She was clearly steering with her left hand and thumbing away at the key pad with her other hand.  I know the city of Bozeangeles has  budget issues, they could make up a good portion of that by having their Police force  ticket these people for endangerment.
  Well according to the news channel a lot of people believe the Rapture will  occur tomorrow followed by Armageddon, if that fails to occur I will post more on Saturday

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