Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Canceled due to Rain ?

  Judging by the traffic on the streets this morning the Rapture has been delayed . My neighbors, who are Good , Bible thumping Christians made an appearance this morning as well. Anyone missing in your neighborhood ?
  I have been informed that this picture is mis leading as when you are taken up in the Rapture you do so naked, leaving  clothing , jewelery and earthly possessions behind .Now I was not expecting to be taking this flight ( If any of you do, please put in a good word for me )but I would imagine there is a lot of pressure  on today's  Rapture's (SP ?) On top of the whole Judgement Day thing you have to appear in front of God , Saint Peter and the heavenly host naked !
  Now I know god is forgiving, but I imagine she will frown upon the over weight , out of shape Evangelicals we have in America.Have you seen them on TV protesting outside  women's clinics and at Tea Party rallies.

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Anonymous said...

Judgement Day? Appearing in front of God, Saint Peter and the heavenly host? Sounds like X-Factor to me