Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Days of Whine and Rain

  Its been a fairly wet spring here in Bozeangeles, Where do you take a two year old to tire him/her out ?  There are only  a limited number of times you can  run up and down the Galatian Valley Mall, and eventually you will feel like you have to buy something. Guess that's why they put stores and food stalls in Malls.  Have you noticed the  increasing number of empty spots in the mall ?  CJ Banks last week and so did the sports jersey place.

  Anyways  my child is a little young to  brave the pools or the  library for any length of time. So we decided the Museum of The Rockies would be a good  tactic .It has a great kids discovery center on the third floor and  right now the Frogs of the World  exhibit will thrill and chill children of all ages.

  However , let me encourage you to check ahead to see if it is a field trip day for the regional schools.  We got inside before the majority of the buses  released their passengers like the Vikings  preparing to plunder Paris .   The good thing was they  were apparently banned from the kids  Yellowstone  discovery area upstairs . It is a great place to spend a couple of hours with a 2 to 6 year old. a lot of interactive games and toys. wildlife sounds and a periodic  geyser eruption. The kids can  play and maybe learn  something too .

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