Thursday, May 26, 2011

  I don't think there as any right answer to  the question  of home school or public school , but there are problems with public education and our societies commitment to it . We face a huge deficit both in our national budget and in our brain trust. How do we keep our  next generation motivated and prepared to excel in the future economy.
   increasing Ly we are seeing a two tiered education system.  If you have the money to buy a private or semi corporate education for your child , that child will  receive a leg up on his/her peers who have to go to public schools. perhaps that is the capitalist  way. You have the right to  pursue happiness but are not guaranteed  finding it.
   there are certain advantages to both our national financial deficit and our educational deficit. Our economy in shambles means we are going to be struggling to buy foreign goods and our educational deficit means we will be unprepared to make those goods that  the rest of the world wants. We will have a lot of marginally paid Americans making marginal products , for domestic consumption.  Made in America will be back.

       Okay I guess I went off the reservation on the issue of Home school vs public school , but the answer is the same . Grab the opportunity where you find it. Why not make education a home/public combination. Certified teachers provide the shell and parents  become responsible for daily instruction. Bloomberg magazine this week published an article on  a great f step towards empowering parent and student  on educating a step beyond the class room.
      Okay I plunged into the depths of my paranoia about my kids future to simply  encourage you to check out the two links below. One is  a Bloomberg article on the founder of Kahns academy .. I think this is a blue print for the future of primary education, both for home schooled education and public schools. ( I still not sure about dealing with the real world experience of home schooled kids) . The second link is to Kahn's  academy itself it is a great teaching source fro parent and child.  I would be interested in any similar sites you might know of, for history or English ?

  I promise the next few posts will be simply about Bozeangeles.
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I have been supplementing my son's education, after school, for years, with workbooks, etc that I have painstakingly found on my own as I have found the public school system to be inadequate, through 8 years. Now, embarking on high school, we have chosen the private school route (and hopefully I will no longer feel the need to supplement!).