Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Passing Through

.  One of My co-Workers is leaving, heading off for the high plains of northern Montana. Going to get married and take up ranching. Shes a hardy soul and a little stubborn so she should fit in well up there. We wish her well and will miss her.

 It made me think about the history of Bozeangeles and other western town on the edge of the frontier. They were always jumping off points are escape valves for people looking for something new. The Bozeman trail was the gate way to Oregon , the mining towns of Butte Anaconda , Virgina city, etc. The Wagon trains rolled through here and after

the wagon trains the rail came through , pushing the Indians out and making way for ranchers , sheep herders, hookers and lawyers. Bozeangeles Is still a jumping off place on the edge of whats left of the American wilderness. College Kids come out to the mountains to find themselves or lose themselves.  Libertarians , anarchists, hell fire and brimstone end of dayers and Militia types stake their claim to refuges of their design .Its good to have wilderness to escape to, but what happens when we run out of wilderness ?

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Katie Renee said...

Thanks for the nice words, Chris!