Sunday, August 28, 2011

2012 the Crusades begin

Let the banners fly
and Gabriel's trumpets blare.
The Politicians Crusade
has begun.
They  Prance in heavenly light

and promise heaven and earth,
If only they are crowned
and secretly  gloat over the country's decline.
Blue State, Red State
Right Wing , left Wing
When The Eagles Wings Part
It falls from the Sky
We send our Children Off to war,
To gather the mineral and the oil
Under the banner of Lady Liberty's
Tarnished Promise.
One hand on the bible,

One held out for cash
our country's biggest threat
is that the politicians forget
who they serve.
Their Savants
grovel and bow,
study the tea leaves
and see what they want to see
they campaign wrapped in the flag
and Jesus at their side
with the gates of
shining in their eyes.

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