Friday, August 26, 2011

College Football ,drunk, disorderly and disfunctional

Obviously it is happening all over, Miami, LSU ,Oklahoma and now the Montana Grizz have key players arrested, barred and under investigation.

Griz tight end charged with DUI

Posted 3:50 PM 8/26/2011 by Melissa Rafferty (KPAX News)
MISSOULA - Montana Griz football tight end Kavario Middleton was charged with a DUI.
The Seattle Times is reporting the former University of Washington Husky was pulled over on June 6 in Seattle for driving under the influence.
Middleton is a senior at the University of Montana. He joined the Grizzlies last August.
His arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 3, the same day the Griz play Tennessee.

is college football too big a business to clean up ? Isn't college supposed to be about education ?

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Katie Renee said...

The Griz new star quarterback, Nate Montana (yes, he is related to Joe Montana) was also arrested for DUI earlier this summer. Not that the Cats never have their issues, but at least none of them have been arrested in recent months or years...