Monday, August 15, 2011

sometimes it pours

So the US postal service is a wreck and something needs to be down about the , union, corruption , inefficiency,etc, but those small town post offices are going to be missed. We live in an increasingly isolated society. We spend more time  Face booking, texting, Googling  or Twittering people across the country than talking to our neighbors .
  I  still try to write an occasional letter and its nice to get one. I got a nice letter and pictures from  Friends in Buffalo Wyoming just yesterday,  And its always nice to get a post card from a friend in a distant part of the world,

But the trip to the post office was a way of entering the social circle of the community, being on a first name basis with the Postal agent and the dog or cat that lounged in the corner.  It was a place to actually exchange words with the people you only saw on the road  .

Over on Prairie Pondering, (see the link to the left.)
KR writes about the combined  loss of Church, School and Post office  and the increasing Isolation of farm communities on the high plains.  Its a threat we all face, whether leaving a big place for a small place or a small place  for a big place. I left a town in Wyoming where I was on a  name basis with the Mayor , Police Chief and  Town Drunk for Bozeangles where I barely  speak to anybody unless they want money or  a bigger size of Jeans.
  I think in our rush for civilization and our need for faster  ways of getting gratification we are losing and some day will miss the simple  reward of getting a post card .

 below is a nice article on NPR about the disappearing small post office

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Katie Renee said...

thanks for the nod, goat! also, i really enjoy the postcard from Juanita to Raoul!! REally made me laugh :)