Saturday, August 20, 2011


  Sometimes you don't know what you have till you lose it. Our need for quality health care and our growing expectation of  having it as a Right rather than a privilege. Both my wife and I were once in a position of receiving it as a benefit of corporate employment.  It certainly took a lot of stress out of our lives, knowing that some if not all of the  costs of dental care , check ups and prescriptions were going to be taken care of. But now through job changes and company cost cutting we are part of the un insured.

 certainly a lot of the stuff we took for granted we can live without or reduce to  once or twice a year, Dental, glasses , physicals etc.

  But having a two year old, and the concerns and needs of raising a child  is a different matter. You can not skip a shot or a check up on a two year old .
 You can not tell the child to ride out the stomach flu or walk off a fever.
   Now we are not the type of family that would milk the welfare system  and thank goodness we are not in that dire a financial situation, but I wonder about all the people that are on the edge out there.

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