Tuesday, August 23, 2011

diversity in Plant Life and Human life

So mother nature seems to be raising her head and is making her anger known. Earth quakes in Southern Colorado and on the East Coast. Hurricane  Irene steaming towards the Carolina's , flash floods in Pittsburgh and fires here in the Rockies. I think the smoke we have here in Bozeangeles is from a blow up near Red Lodge, but there are fires all around the area. We had a very wet spring but we need rain now.

  We Reap What We  Plant
 Over on the Bozeman Magpie blog ( see link at left and below ) site there is a nice article on back yards/ small farms and diversity among plants , tomatoes in particular. It talks about the industrialization of farming and the  overwhelming dominance of  generic farm raise produce, tomatoes , bananas and such .


 Any back yard farmer knows there are a lot of varieties of Tomatoes, corn, beans and such, but did you know there are 30 different kinds of Bananas ? our food sources are being narrowed and as a result are open to  destruction from fungus or plague

  how do you prepare Tomato Seeds to preserve them from one year to another ? an ideas ?

A disease spreading around the world could cause bananas to someday disappear from local supermarkets.
Plant pathologists said the Cavendish variety of banana is being attacked by a fungus.
Daniel Egel, a plant pathologist at Purdue University, said the fungus is similar to the Panama disease, which wiped out a different type of banana in the 60s.
Egel said this newer strain of the Panama disease has already spread across Asia, and produce growers fear it could spread to Latin America, killing off the Cavendish bananas found in U.S. grocery stores.
According to The Scientist Magazine, scientists are already working on a replacement banana.
  this article is supposed to be about diversity and a comment on Sunday's post caught my attention, and brought out the importance of human diversity.
If we did not have human diversity who would this person blame for his problems

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