Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ever Wonder what that bug on your windshield is ?

  Its Dinner !

  Was very surprised to see the toy store in our local mall had  a supply of  Freeze dried Crickets for food consumption. Since we are having a dinner party here at the Goat house tomorrow night I had to pick some up as  a first course . The also have lollipops with bees and crickets in them.  Of course a lot of things we here in the first world consider as pests or waste food or part of the daily diet in the 3rd world. shouldn't we at least give it a try.

  Below is a link that talks about the need for using insects as a protein source

I have eaten , Nutria ,
Musk rat , possum and snake in the past. And none of it has caused me any harm. Except for the Urge to pull over when I see fresh roadkill 

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Katie Renee said...

did you end up serving it at your dinner party? did anyone eat it? how did it go over?

Don't know if you are a fan of Bizarre Foods, but Andrew Zimmern's rule is Always Try it Twice! :)