Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When reality sets in

 It was a beautiful fall day here in the Bozeagneles metroplex, and little Goat and I played hard at Dinosaur park . Lots of happy employed family's there and little signs of the economic turmoil in the city and the country.

  however this evening we went to the park near Town and Country and the story was quite different. it was 6:30 or so and two family's had staked out camp sites near the picnic tables by the creek. Suitcases and grocery carts  reserving their spots. the older kids were playing with the younger ones. One mother was washing underwear in the creek. The other mother was putting food into some dirty plates. One man was sleeping under a shade tree. It was obvious they were planning to spend the night.

  Now I can't  know their history , but if families are forced to camp out in a fairly nice park . there are problems to be solved . We must all b great full for what we have . And we must press our leaders to do more for us instead of the special interests that pad their bank accounts.


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