Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Fires of Fall

If you live on the Gulf Coast  you watch the weather for Tropical storms, If you live in the mid west you keep a radio on to listen for Tornado watches. Up here in the Northern Rockies in the late summer early fall its dry lightning and forest fires.. We had a long wet spring here so we are not as dry as places down south , but we have fires burning and crews out there fighting them..
   Its hot and dangerous work and , all sorts of technology is thrown at these fire storms.
There is not a shortage of young women and men willing to work these fires. The pay is a lot better than any job a normal teenager or college kid can get . A lot of Colleges in the West will let  Students start the semester late if they are on a fire Crew.

The Indian Reservation fire crews  are famous for fighting fires all over the west. They work harder and longer than most other crews and have saved a lot of small towns and farms . They pay they get is better   most jobs even offered to them in the white mans world and it helps support a lot of people we chose to  ignore when we drive through Indian country.
  When we complain or listen to some talking head complain about the government taking our rights and freedoms away don't forget about those Indians out on the fire line.

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