Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finding Art all over

Okay I admit I am as blind to a lot of things that go on around town and I'm sure this sculpture has been up for a while, but next time you go to the  Bozeman Library (That's the place where  you borrow books Right wingers  you would call it socialism ). Check out the sculpture about the seasons in the parking lot.

                 They are in the process of erecting several additional sculptures along the path from the library to the trail to Peets hill .  Even if you can't   get out of town on  this labor day  weekend there are a lot of things outside to see and do.       

check out the current post over on the Bozeman Magpie as well,  Its about the neglect and opportunities offered by 7th Ave .  Its not all Walmart, Cats Paw and Pawn shops. There are other businesses there and there is opportunity to re vitalize this neglected part of town. I just hope the City does not figure out a way to raise our taxes to  do it.

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