Saturday, July 9, 2011

All That Glitters ( Vampires SUX ) the Aftermath

  So Mother Goat is on a roll , despite ( Or because of ) of a visit to the ER last night she hammered out an other bit of her Soap Opera this morning. Can't wait for a taste of whats next.

All That Glitters (Aftermath of Hangover Cafe)

"Well that explains a lot Kelly." Jace the ruggedly handsome bartender and owner at Colonel Black's topped off Kelly's martini. Kelly ran her fingers through her red hair and rested her head in her hand, defeated. It had been a month now, and Janice's behavior had become increasingly odd. Kelly's best friend and former college roommate, one who loved to be up at sunrise and went strong until sunset, suddenly was becoming a nocturnal soul.
Jace interrupted Kelly's thoughts, "Calamari is here." He slid Kelly the plate of food and asked, "Cocktail sauce?" Kelly picked up the fried squid and tasted it. "Nah, just some Heinz 57, please Jace." Jace reached below the bar and returned with the bottle. As he set it down, he opened his mouth, hesitated, then closed it again. He was concerned about Kelly. He'd noticed the changes in Janice as well, drenching her food in catsup, a sudden revulsion to garlic and daylight and a strange fixation of people's bandages. Janice also was a devout Catholic, weekly confessions and Sunday Mass attendee, she was never without her crucifix necklace. Jace had noticed she'd stopped wearing her necklace about three weeks ago. It had been her grandmother's, and was one of her most prized possessions.
Kelly gnawed on a piece of calamari in deep thought. She couldn't believe that she'd had to bail Janice out of jail. Janice wasn't an aggressive person in nature, quite the opposite actually. Janice and Kelly had attended Montucky State University. Both graduated with Cum Laud honors from the registered nursing program and had landed great jobs in the field they loved. It bewildered Janice to think that Kelly had punched that woman in the face just to make her bleed, but even more disturbing, ran her fingers through the blood and licked them one by one. Granted the woman made some rude remarks; however, the old Janice would've returned the banter with equally snarky remarks. Kelly didn't understand the new Janice. She knew it was time to study up on vampires and turned to her friend Jace who owned the rumored Vampire's Den.
Jace had made a deal with the head vampire, Louie. As long as they left Jace alone, he'd let them do whatever they wanted in his bar. It was a chicken shit thing to do, but he didn't want to live the strange existence of a vampire. He'd worked hard on building his business, and it was paying off. The vampires tipped him generously and he was able to recently remodel the place with their generous donations. Money was money. . .didn't matter if it came from the emotionally dead, or the undead in this case. Jace told the vampires who was off limits and they vampires left the potentials victim alone. They knew Kelly was a friend, and didn't bother her.
"Jace, is there any way to cure vampirism?" Jace knew there was, but it would involve killing Louie, and who knew what storm that could unleash in his business and life. "Kelly, I'm sure there is. I'll ask. I think if she hasn't actually killed someone, she may have a chance."
Kelly sighed. "I'd appreciate it if you did it sooner than later."
"Will do. Let me walk you out."
"She's on probation at work too."
"What? For what?"
"Well not for theft of narcotics, but for stealing drain tubes they use for mastectomies, the ones with the little bulbs on the end. I think she may be providing them to store blood for the others."
"Oh man. I'll talk to Louie tonight when he comes in. You working the night shift?"
"Yeah, call me on my cell. I'm not sure what floor I'll be on tonight."
Jace kissed Kelly on the cheek and opened her car door for her. He was beginning to care for her more than he thought.

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