Friday, July 29, 2011

going to yellowstone

I'm sure most of you Americans have made the pilgamige to Yellowstone in your life, and despite my dislike of the crowds, it is worth the trip. I just wish we could figure out a way to get people from here to there in the park with out clogging up the roads. A Monorail or blimp service would be my choice.
here are a few pics from the  Goat family's trip. In no particular order

Mother Goat ordered we take a picture of this sign at the Gardiner mt.  entrance to the Park, then spent the next 50 miles wondering about the forms of molestation possible with wild animals . She did grow up in Idaho and lives in Montana if thats any excuse. Little Goat just wanted me to slow down

it is a very wet year  so wild life is fairly easy to see. here's a deer up close and Elk in the back ground. Please don't Molest them

My big fear is we are loving Yellowstone to death , every one in cars going at 10 miles a mile from one scenic over look t another. Is this what our founding fathers envisioned. Must of been 20 cars stacked up behind us and who  knows how many RV's ahead of us.

for all the horrors of modern life we have inflicted on Nature  Yellowstone still amazes us
Visit before its gone

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