Tuesday, July 26, 2011

starky's where the cool people eat

 I'm sometimes put off by the lunch time crowd at starky's , the suits are there and the designer sun glasses too, not that the blue collars are not welcome too and the college crowd if they can afford the bill . It just seems to me that they would prefer the glitterati over the buggy and beer crowd . having said that it is a Nice place to sit outside and have a sandwich and a beer. the dinners are quite nice ( $$$) and its in a quite part of downtown, just across from the hangover cafe.

  So maybe I'm more of  an ale house kind of guy but little goat can't handle the noise and they don't do lunch. Whats up with that ?


Katie Renee said...

I always wished ale works did lunch, too! What is up with that, indeed!

Anonymous said...

of course lunch at the brew pub sometimes evolved into closing time at the brew pub