Sunday, July 24, 2011

crazy days and the walking Dead

So it was a busy weekend in the Bozeangeles Metroplex. The Country fair was in full swing, rodeo , Ferris wheel, pig wrestling and a Country Western Band. The city also held its Annual Crazy days sale down town. The retail stores haul out the stock that has lingered in their back rooms for the year and offers them at a supposed discount .

Its certainly a nice way to get people in from the suburbs and the country fair to spend a little  free money  that they might not normally. There was a bit of a crowd at the sandwich shops as well.
  I imagine if they had allowed beer vendors and open containers the crowds would have been larger and harder to contain. As it was there was still a little room for Little Goat to pick up speed in her Chariot.
   Saturday night for the second year in a row a few deeply disturbed individuals held  A Zombie Walk. Downtown's part of an effort to get a larger crowd at the Reggae /Dub concert at  the Emerson. 

As Mother Goat does not approve of Zombies ( I think they remind her of her Mormon upringing ) we did not attend the festivities that continued after dark. I imagine the consumption of brains and booze continued well  into the night. All in all it was  a nice summer weekend in Bozeangeles.

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