Tuesday, July 5, 2011

post 4th of July thoughts

  Missed 3 days of writing and feel like the kid putting of a term paper till the night before its due. Had in laws and friends here for the  holidays. As a result my mind is fuzzy from drink, sun and  heavy food but found something to bring up for your thoughts and comments .

 in between the grilling and drinking I caught some of the usual glad handing and politicking by our current and possible futurecandidates for office. As you probably expect it was strong on criticism of the current stat of affairs but short on solutions.

  I am not a fan of the Bozeangeles newspaper or the Tea party in general but yesterday a local Tea Party official made some good points and the Comical actually published it.  see the link below. The big point of it is that the Tea Party should not be the tool  of either the Republicans or Democrats it needs to be vocal and separate

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