Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just plain Hot

The summer doldrums are upon us, Its just plain hot. The Goat family tried to escape the 96 degree weather at the Museum of the Rockies, that was fine for an hour or two but the trade off is every other family with two or thee screaming kids and no air conditioning had the same damn idea.  The river was full of float tubes , college kids with coolers of beers, families stretched out on floating lawn chairs and inflatable beds, generally the people showing too much skin  were the people who should not be showing  too much skin

the Movie theater parking lot was full and its hard to take a two year old to a movie  these days .We lingered over a couple of cold drafts at a restaurant bar ( air conditioned) while little goat made a hole in a plate of calamari. The crowd spent as much time watching the weather channel as the base ball  games  ( Pittsburgh  Pirates on top ? )  and cheered every time the weather guru's predicted severe thunder storms. Whats wrong with a micro burst and golf ball sized hail when it brings rain and cooler temps.

  But now we are home and its still hot and there are no signs of the promised weather event. its just plain hot . We are all getting ready to fight over little Goat's kiddie pail.

Its better than watching the blowhards in washington

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