Friday, June 3, 2011

All That Glitters Chapter 1 The Hang Over Cafe

  From time to time I will turn this blog over to my co-conspirator in life  Mrs. Goat . She has a great talent as a creative writer . This is the first installment of a Soap Opera  called ALL THAT GLITTERS ,set in the  city of Bozeangeles. This  chapter was inspired by this weeks poll on Vampires .any resemblance to actual people, living , dead or undead is purely by accident....the editor Old Goat.

Nothing like a good greasy
 breakfast to cure a hangover. . . It's far too early for beer.
It's never too early for beer. How was you're night?
Oh God! I don't want to talk about it.
Why? Don't remember it or trying to forget that it happened.
Two words: Coyote Ugly.
Doh! I hate that when it happens.
Fuckin' beer goggles. I swear I went home with a ten. . . woke up with a negative ten.
So he was ugly, but how was the sex?
I'm goin' with unmemorable. Are you going to eat that sausage link?
Why? Remind you of Romeo from last night.
Shut it! I'm too sober for this conversation.

Hey, what happened to your neck last night? It looks like something bit you.
Like a spider bite?
No, bigger and less infected.
Huh? I don't know. Oh, did you cut your finger? May I?
Okay, THAT was just weird. What would possess you to lick my finger and like the taste of blood.
I don't know. I was an impulse.
Please tell me you didn't go home with a vampire last night.
I thought that was just a myth. Bozeangeles doesn't have vampires.
You may want to look at that bite on your neck, and stop sucking my finger. It's weird and rude. Here have some Heinz.


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