Sunday, June 19, 2011

When times are tough Americans love Alien Movies

  So I saw Super 8 today as a fathers day gift from little Goat. Good move ( not great ) a homage to Stand By Me , E.T. and   Almost famous. Now granted the previews were aimed towards people who were likely to go see Alien Si Fi  movies  but 30 minutes of such adverts strikes me as over kill.

Aliens, Monsters ,Americans persevering against overwhelming odds  seems to be the rage . What does that say about the psychology of the nation or the psychology of the people predicting what America will pay too much to see ?
    There is a fair amount of feel good comedy and romance out there but the force is strong  with  the  things that go bump in the night.
  Does anybody have the time or the interest to compare  numbers of Alien and monster movies to economic stress and political un certainty ? I will try to figure something out as well. 

  I'm not feeling good about the country, So I will probably go see Cowboys and Aliens  next month

OLd Goat

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