Thursday, June 2, 2011

New People In Town

There has  been a lot  of talk of  Foreigners (Californians , Canadians, Mexicans and the occasional Brit ) moving into town . I am sure there are problems and benefits to these and other immigrants . Our country, our state and our fair city of Bozeangeles were built on the backs and under the shovels of people from some place else ( much to the detriment of the true natives ).  However I've noticed a much larger population of Vampires this spring. They seem to be very common downtown and out on  7th  around the Cats Paw. They may be hanging around  Plonks and the other yuppie bars too but I can not tell them apart from the others ( lawyers, real estate agents , wireless phone Users , etc ) I'm wondering if my readers have noticed a rise in blood suckers as well ? So there is another poll to the right of this Post.

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