Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dogs for Friday Night

    No not what you think , I'm Thinking about Bozeangeles and other Frontier  towns  and the high ratio of dog owners. Certainly it is easier to own a dog out here with more open land and dogs are often considered a working animal. Helping herd the cattle , sheep and Jackalope  on the  sage flats. But it is clear they are a close companion for many reasons.
These mountain towns have a large population of single men and women and a dog offers them the  opportunity  to get that emotional reward we all crave in between leaving our parents home and finding a human companion to share our lives with . ( Okay  dogs also are good for meeting that  future human companion ).

 Dogs also have been proven to provide a calming effect  on the human brain . They are used as therapy animal in hospitals, old folk homes and prisons where inmates given the responsibility  for a dog ( or any animal) are less prone to violence and are better prepared for life in the real world .
  So given the importance and benefits of canines in our lives. Why don't we allow  dogs in our drinking establishments ?

  Not all Dogs of course, Dogs are only as good as their owner . Reasonable and Prudent should be the rule. A dog named Fang , Killer , Satan, etc should probably stay outside in the pick up, But I've met a pit bull named Kitty I'd be happy to share a beer with.

 I would think a well behaved dog would reduce violence, drunken excess  and other sorts of crime in bars. It would also re-enforce the sense of community in a bar and its customers .It offers the chance for people to communicate and share stories. The mental health of the patrons as a whole are raised when a well behaved dog enters a bar.

  This is certainly not an argument for  un-restrained animal husbandry in our city. Sheep belong  in the fields and a couple bars on the Hi-line and donkeys are only okay  in a beach bar in Cabo.
 I understand that for health reasons dogs and other animals are not allowed in places where food is generally served and consumed regularly.
  But in a bar such as the Crystal or  the Mint where the snacks have a half life of 30 yrs and the stomachs  of the patrons are sterilized by  alcohol  .

 let Fido roam

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