Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a great Day to raise the property tax

So it truly was a fantastic day in the Bozeangeles metroplex. A hot ,sunny day. Garage sales, fresh cut grass, kids running and screaming. Little goat did not stop all day until she collapsed at 7 pm. The beginning of cocktail hour at the Goat house. 
       Of course some of you are aware the city wants to raise property taxes again. Third time this year I think. Kind of sad when you think of all the empty, condos, houses and retail spaces around town.  couldn't the city learn to live with in their means just like the country is supposed to ?

Speaking of living on a budget , have you seen the new  Robotic babies for sale down at Lola's Electronic on Main St. ?  They are almost as expensive as having a baby of your own, and you have to program them to bond with you. You hook up this wire system to the Baby, your  wrist and a small tablet Computer. The Program then asks you a series of questions designed to illicit an emotional response. The robotic baby then  " Learns ", to react to your physical and emotional mood. FREAKY !  of course the technology was developed in Japan.

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