Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two great days in a row ( The Montana Blimp Race )

  What an amazing Sunday , remembering last years June storms including  the great hail storm of 2010 you wonder what Mother nature has designed for us this year. Well it was such a good day today Little goat and I hiked to the top of Peets hill to watch the start of the Bozeman to Missoula blimp race.  It was really cool watching them circle over Bobcat stadium waiting for the National guard to fire the starting gun.
 They had planned this for the 4th of July but because of the unsettled weather we had last year they gambled and held it this weekend after high school graduation. Wow they got it right. I guess it will take about 36 hours for the 4 blimps ( The Google blimp is out of the picture ) to make their way to Missoula. Little Goat was very excited and recognizing the logo of my favorite beverage kept shouting " Daddy's Beer ! " over and over. needless to say we are cheering for the Budweiser blimp. though the Good Year entry is favored.

Despite my feelings about the Bozeangeles City Govt . This is a great idea. I hope they do it again next year.

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