Friday, June 10, 2011

A Trip to Livngston Mt.

  Had a long Day in Livingston Mt. As Mrs Goat had surgery. A quiet little place on the road to several places  but east of the Bozeangeles metroplex. agreat town but suffering from the economics of Montana life.

A lot of empty store fronts and faded signs, but a refuge of three of my favorite writers, Richard Brautigan, Jimmy Buffett and Tom McGuane. It must  have been roaring in the late sixties when they were in town.

1975  Jimmy Buffett

You got your Tony Lama's on your jeans pressed tight
You take a few tokes make you feel alright
Rockin' and a rollin' on a Livingston Saturday Night

Got the pickup washed and you just got paid
With any luck at all you might even get laid
'Cause they're pickin' and a kickin' on a Livingston Saturday night

Yeah now listen to the sound of the hot country band
Boot heels a' shufflin' on the dance floor sand
Drink a little, think a little, shoot a little pool
Hittin' on the cuties right outta high school
Sixteen may get ya twenty, that's all right
'Cause they'll be rockin' and a rollin' on a Livingston Saturday night

Of course I found it hard to find a bar  at 12:30 on A  Friday afternoon but the Stockman bar was open and the beer was cold.  If you get over that way , try the Moose Drool  stout  and the fried Chicken Gizzard  is perfect on a hot day in a 40 year old bar
the river ain't running too fast the fishing is good too.

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